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Niall O'Riordan

Flute Soloist & Educator

Online Awareness through movement classes.

Every Sunday I teach a Feldenkrais ATM class online

5pm BST

9am PDT

12pm EDT

More Info

Feldenkrais® Method

The Feldenkrais Method offers a unique and practical way to realise our potential more fully. It is an educational method focusing on learning and movement, which can bring about improved movement and enhanced functioning. It is named after its originator, Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), an engineer and physicist as well as a Judo teacher.

A greater sense of ease and well-being for everyone in their daily life.

The Feldenkrais Method offers:

  • Greater awareness of comfortable and efficient posture
  • Options for new ways of moving that are more functional
  • Fuller and deeper breathing
  • Reduced aches and pains and more freedom in your movement
  • Improved performance in sport, dance and music
  • Improved relaxation response and relief from the effects of stress 

Feldenkrais can help with:

  • Chronic back problems
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Tension and stress

or neurological conditions such as

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Stroke

or develop existing skills in

  • Sports, music, dance or drama

Niall is a Feldenkrais Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method Practioner

How is it taught?

Individual Lessons - Functional Integration

Each lesson revolves around a question: how do your habits of movement help you, but at the same time stand in the way of doing better? In a typical lesson, you and your teacher discuss this, then you lie fully-clothed on a low table as the teacher's hands gently support you, suggesting, encouraging and guiding you towards new ways of moving and organising yourself

Each lesson is unique and designed by your teacher to address your particular habits of moving and holding yourself. Your increasing self-awareness enables you to let go of these habits, to find and choose new patterns of movement; you may find similar development in the flexibility of your thinking and feeling.

The lesson will often lead to suggestions by the teacher for ways of working on your own, in order to help the new choices become a lasting part of your life. Lessons are particularly useful for specific or long-standing problems, to deepen your experience of Awareness Through Movement classes, or to provide ongoing support for your everyday life.

Both Awareness Through Movement classes and Functional Integration lessons are appropriate for a wide range of people, for all ages and for all abilities.

Group Classes - Awareness Through Movement

Lessons take place lying on the floor, or sometimes sitting. The teacher talks you through a sequence of movements that works like a physical riddle. Each new movement is repeated and explored, enabling you to become familiar with it, and to begin to play with unaccustomed movement relationships. By engaging your curiosity, gently and at your own rate, you learn to explore the world of your internal sensation. You learn to use this awareness to release chronic patterns of tension and create new movement possibilities.